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Q & A with Debra Chapoton Author of New Release SHELTERED


In Debra Chapoton's latest Young Adult novel, SHELTERED, five troubled teens find themselves living together unsupervised and are confronted with demonic forces, compelling them to deal with their problems in distinctly different ways. Paranormal meets psycho meets Goth in this story of a supernatural haunting and budding love.

High school junior, Ben, hacks into his step-father's real estate holdings and provides rooms in an old two-story house to various outcasts: the schizophrenic kid, the angry Goth girl, and the homeless girl who adores him. When Megan needs a place to live she comes to the rooming house with a different set of problems and the ability to confuse and attract Ben.

One by one strange and mysterious occurrences stretch the teens’ beliefs in the supernatural. How they deal with demons, real and imagined, has tragic as well as redeeming consequences.

SHELTERED is a young adult novel for teens 14 and up.

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PictureDebra Chapoton enjoys writing Big Pine Lodge Books, as it allows her to combine two things she loves greatly: writing and providing wholesome lessons to kids. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English - something that came in useful as she now pursues her passion in writing. She started writing novels in 2002, and was surprised to find out that the characters quickly take over the action and dialogue in the stories. She tries to head the stories on a certain course, but the characters take control and often change its direction.

"That’s what makes writing fun and exciting," she explains. "I'm just as eager to find out what's going to happen next as you are." 

She now resides at the real Big Pine Lodge with her husband, Paul, where she enjoys the company of many other friends. 

Interested to learn more? Contact the author at bigpinelodge@gmail.com or follow her bloghere.

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Big Pine Lodge Books are authored by Debra Chapoton. Currently, Big Pine Lodge Books is offering two different types of fiction books - Young Adult Novels and Children's Books. Both types are full of adventure, mystery, and suspense and will draw readers in from the first page. In addition to fiction, Debra has authored a Christian Study Guide.

Big Pine Lodge Books are available at Amazon.com.

Q & A with Debra Chapoton

1. What books most influenced your writing? 
This is the hardest question to answer because I think that every single book I’ve ever read has taught me something about writing. If I have to pick two then I’ll say Dean Koontz’s “Intensity” and Dwight V. Swain’s “Techniques of the Selling Writer”.

2. What type of books do you mostly write and why?
I write Young Adult novels because the main characters are teenagers and I love that age group. I spent decades in a high school classroom so I have plenty of experiences to draw from and personality types to build on.

3. Do you have to travel much concerning your books? 
I’m not a good traveler; I get car sick. I love airplanes, but not airports, so I haven’t traveled out of state in quite a while.

4. Do your family and friends inspire any of your books’ characters or plots?
Absolutely. Embarrassing moments, family troubles, favorite sayings, humiliating events, funny situations, nicknames, habits . . . it all gets worked in.

5. Do you consider yourself a born writer? 
Sure, we all have different talents and abilities. I like words. I've had a thing for language, grammar, and writing for as long as I can remember.

6. Just for fun! What do you like to eat and drink while you are writing? 
Nothing. When I’m writing I go for hours without thinking of food, well, except for chocolate.

Thanks for the interview. I hope your readers will check out “Sheltered”.

Debra thank you so much for sharing about yourself 
and your new release SHELTERED! 
I am sure my readers will be anxious to check out SHELTERED! 

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