Tuesday, October 8, 2019

MAIL - ORDER MISHAPS by Vickie Mcdonough, Susan Page Davis, Linda Ford, Erica Vetsch


Dreams of Finding Mr. Right Go Wrong in the Old West

The Bride’s Dilemma by Susan Page Davis
Wyoming, 1883
Eve Martin arrives in Cheyenne to learn that man she came to marry is in jail, accused of a violent murder. Should she get on the next eastbound train, or has God brought her here to help save Caleb Blair’s life?

My Thoughts
Eve and Blair were looking to wed for better or worse. I felt the emotions of this couples desire to turn the worse situation into better for a happy future. Thankfully they both had faith in God and good friends. It was difficult to set the book down because I was so anxious to find out how it all played out. The author did not disappoint me it was even better than I expected.

Romancing the Rancher by Linda Ford
Montana, 1886
Amelia expects a safe home for herself and her niece as mail-order bride to Zach Taggerty. Only Zach has never heard of her, and the last thing he needs is more complications in his life.

My Thoughts
Loved this story! It hit home hard having gone through similar situation with my Father and then my husband due to their dementia. Heartache and feelings of hopelessness blinded this couple in search of their own needs. Thanks to this author for an amazing read.

The Marriage Sham by Vickie McDonough
Texas, 1888
Mail-order bride Zola Bryant is devastated. Her newlywed husband is dead. But even worse, they were never truly married because the man who wed them was an outlaw not a preacher. What will she do now that her life and reputation are in tatters?

My Thoughts
Zola needed someone to give her a break at starting over. This young woman thrilled me with her tenacity which eventually earned herself to be trusted beyond all measure.  A fun and full of mishaps. A must read. Wished it could have been longer. Author must have a great since of humor.

The Galway Girl by Erica Vetsch
Kansas, 1875
A mail-order mix-up sends Irish lass Maeve O’Reilly to the Swedish community of Lindsborg, Kansas. Will Kaspar Sandberg consider it a happy accident or a disaster to be rectified as soon as possible?

My Thoughts
Maeve reminds me of a firecracker, watch out there she goes. Me having four daughters had me routing for this young woman to overcome all odds.  The author built an amazing character that would give hope to many a young girls facing hard times.

ISBN: 9781643520001

FICTION / Christian/Romance
Page Count: 448

RATED this book 5 STARS

DISCLOSURE: I received a free digital copy of this book from Barbour Books via Netgalley for an honest review.  I was in now way compensated for this review.

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