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In Celebration of Blogaholic Social Network 1st Anniversary: Q&A with Emily Murray the Owner of Blogaholic Social Network



JULY 10, 2011
Emily Murray is the owner and creator of a new community for bloggers: Blogaholic Social Network. The community went live on Monday, May 30th and in just a few short weeks has become an active community for all bloggers! Here is a bit more from Emily about the new network!

Tell us a little bit about Blogaholic Social Network.
BSN is a community where bloggers can get together and pretty much talk about all things blog related. There is a wide variety of groups that you can join from blog niche’s to gaining followers- groups are a lot of fun and members have created quite a few of them so far so there is something for everyone! The site also allows you to post blog posts, list your giveaways, list your blog hops, there is really so much you can do on the site!

How did Blogaholic Social Network come to be?
Well long story short it was an idea I had for quite awhile. I also do blog design and my creative mind never seems to stop running, I knew that I loved blogging and I had learned so much about blog design from other bloggers so I wanted to create a community that allowed all these wonderful resources to come together, not just blog design but all bloggers helping each other, getting to know each other, learning from each other about all aspects of blogging. There is so much that even I still want to learn and I know that I can do it here on BSN. So it came down to the push of a button to hit publish live and I paced back and forth until finally my husband said “Listen, do you want to be sitting on the front porch 30 years from now saying, I should of hit that publish button” so off I went and here we are!

What are your future hopes for the site?
Really, I just hope to continue to see so many people enjoying it and getting great use out it. I want the network to be a “go to” for all things that have to do with blogging while still having a close knit community and I also want people to be able to connect, ask their questions and get answers- there is nothing worse than being a new blogger and feeling completely lost. So hopefully the site can help new bloggers and for veteran bloggers they have so much advice that they are willing to share, it’s great how everyone just comes together! The truth of it all is that the community is the foundation of the site and they are the future of the site as well.

I can not begin to tell you how overwhelmed with happiness I was to see it all come together the site itself and the community that has built just in a few short weeks. I just hope the members of BSN know that I appreciate each and every one of them because without them the network is not a community at all.

Feel free to stop by and check us out, we would love to have you as a member!

Emily, I feel so honored that you have done this interview for the viewers of my blog. I know what a wonderful job you have done with Blogaholic it has been a great source of information for me and has a wonderful community of bloggers. Blogaholic has a wide variety of Groups including several Book Groups that I have joined. I hope it continues to grow which I know it will. Thanks again for the interview.

Okay bloggers now is a perfect time to check out
Blogaholic Social Network.

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