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The Preacher's Wife, Brides of Assurance #1 by Brandi Boddie ~ A Booketeria Review

About Book

Can this small-town girl trade her tarnished past for a respectable life?

During the hot, windy summer of 1870 in the burgeoning prairie town of Assurance, Kansas, Marissa Pierce is fed up with her abusive boss. She longs to start a new life and is growing weary of convincing townsfolk that she is most certainly not a prostitute.

Civil War veteran and preacher Rowe Winford arrives in town intent on leaving the tragic memories of his deceased family behind. Although Rowe has no plans to fall in love anytime soon, the plans of God rarely match those of man.
Faced with adversity and rejection from the town and Rowe’s family, can Marissa overcome her past, renew her faith, and experience the life of love that God has planned for her?

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About Author 

Brandi Boddie writes inspirational romances sprinkled with brass, sass, and a dash of the speculative. She holds a juris doctorate from Howard University School of Law and a bachelor's degree in political science from Youngstown State University. She lives in Texas with her husband and two rambunctious canines who aspire to be food critics. When she's not writing or playing dress up in Victorian/steampunk/1940s garb, you can find her hiking, swing dancing, or getting her daily fill of antioxidants through coffee and dark chocolate. 

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My Thoughts

1870, Assurance, Kansas

Due to a dept owed by her mother Marissa Pierce was forced to take on after her mother's untimely death.  This dept is paid by working in a saloon as a waitress and dancer. The owner of the saloon has other plans for Marissa and has become abusive toward her.  

Marissa was raised in this very town by her grandparents so she is a familiar face in the town but is judged by her and her mother's occupation and are labeled as prostitutes among the town's people.  In pertaining to Marissa this was far from the truth but people are quick to judge.  

When the new preacher, Rowe Winfred moves to town he finds himself drawn to Marissa. He could see in her eyes the pain and broken soul within her.  He was compelled to learn more about this young woman.  When she tries to escape from her abusive boss Rowe is there to make sure she is not forced to return to her life as an indentured slave.

The author has touched on a subject that still exists for many women left alone without a family or husband to protect and support women from abuse and human trafficking.  The story shows how we must have faith and put our trust in God. I was moved by the elder couple that stuck their reputation on the line to help and house Marissa during her time of need. 

You will find HOPE along with retribution, trials, tribulation and LOVE in this story.  God has a plan if we only we let him take the lead. 

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from Realms/Charisma House/Booketeria for an honest review.

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