Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla Stewart ~ Blog Tour

About the book: 

For Nell Marchwold, bliss is seeing the transformation when someone gets a glimpse in the mirror while wearing one of her creations and feels beautiful. Nell has always strived to create hats that bring out a woman's best qualities. She knows she's fortunate to have landed a job as an apprentice designer at the prominent Oscar Fields Millinery in New York City. Yet when Nell's fresh designs begin to catch on, her boss holds her back from the limelight, claiming the stammer she's had since childhood reflects poorly on her and his salon.

But it seems Nell's gift won't be hidden by Oscar's efforts. Soon an up-and-coming fashion designer is seeking her out as a partner of his 1922 collection. The publicity leads to an opportunity for Nell to make hats in London for a royal wedding. There, she sees her childhood friend, Quentin, and an unexpected spark kindles between them. But thanks to her success, Oscar is determined to keep her. As her heart tugs in two directions, Nell must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for her dream, and what her dream truly is.

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About the author: 

Carla Stewart is the award-winning author of four novels. With a passion for times gone by, it is her desire to take readers back to that warm, familiar place in their hearts called "home." She and her husband live in Tulsa and have four adult sons and six grandchildren (with one on the way!). 

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My Thoughts

Nell Marchwold was interested to learn the art of hatmaking.  She watched and learned as one of her grandmother's employees created hats for friends and family.  

When Nell's father unexpectedly passed away she watched her mother struggle to make a living to support their family.  Nell decided she was going to become a famous hatmaker.  She was very talented and many overlooked her stuttering speech and took notice of her talent, especially Oscar Fields, of Oscar Fields Millinery in New York City.   He offered her an apprenticeship in his prominent place of business where the wealthy frequented for quality handmade hats for men and women.  

She has big dreams of becoming a famous designer with her own label.  But her boss is a little old fashion and was slow to approve her new designs.  He feared customers would be offended by her speech impediment. The changing times of the roaring twenties had changed his mind as customers became intrigued by Nell's modern designs.

When Nell takes a trip for her job close to her hometown it gave her opportunities she never dreamed possible.  She started to question herself and her love for the young man she has loved since childhood. This reunion left her contemplating whether she should seek love and family life or rather stick with her dream to become a famous hat designer?

I found this to be a most intriguing story.  The author reveals the struggle of one woman looking for women's rights not only in the workplace but to vote and having a say in future. No matter if a woman is married raising a family and/or seeking a career this era was a time for many changes.   Women no longer wanted to sit quietly in the background.  

I read this book in one night.  It was a real page turner.  It made me think of stories my grandmother shared with me.  My grandmother was also a widow with a small daughter and had no one to help like in this book.   She moved to Houston and made a good life for her and my mother. The life she had before she was a widow was not a good life as women did not have many rights.   We must remember the sacrifices and movements women made to give us the life and rights we now take for granted.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book 5 out of 5.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group for an honest review.

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  1. I am about one third through this book and liking it a lot. I never thought much about hats such high fashion although I do remember some unique older fshion hats being stored in a hall closet when I was growing up.
    Hope you will take part in the Sunflower Award trivia.