Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas At Dove Creek by Scarlett Dunn

About Book

With snow on the prairie and the stars heralding new hope, it’s the season for the lost to find their way home–and love to unite solitary hearts…

She rides like an angel and she’s a crack shot. And Lily Starr is determined to shepherd a helpless group of outcasts from Missouri to Wyoming by Christmas–including a pregnant woman whose blessed event is drawing near. So encountering handsome Thorpe Turlow along the dangerous trail is a welcome unexpected gift, for he’s as formidable as he is reserved. Besides, understanding this gentle, secretly wounded man is another challenge Lily isn’t about to resist…

After the heartbreak he’s found, Thorpe just wants to retreat to his peaceful Dove Creek ranch. But he’s never met anyone as resourceful and straightforward as Lily. Somehow, she’s reigniting his faith and giving him the courage to trust again. And if they survive the arduous trip ahead, he’ll do whatever it takes to give her a lifetime of joy and love…

ISBN: 9781420142235
Publish Date: 10/25/2016
  by Zebra Publishers

About Author

SCARLETT DUNN is an author of historical inspirational romance novels. She has always loved the history of the American West, and the men and women brave enough to accept the challenge to venture to the untamed territories. Once Scarlett ended her entrepreneurial pursuits, she decided it was time to write the stories she always knew she would write. Her interest in history led her to write novels set in the old west.

Her novels feature regular people with flaws, but they also have the strength to face the challenges of the time, and come out stronger. It is important to her for her characters to have imperfections, like all people, and they make many mistakes along the way. As she writes, she is always reminded of her favorite biblical character: King David. He was a man with many, many flaws, yet he was described as a man after God’s own heart. Like King David, Scarlett’s heroes have good hearts with a desire to do what is right, but sometimes do the wrong thing as they are trying to figure out this thing called life. In the end, they are better men, and have won the hearts of the right women.

Scarlett lives in Kentucky, the bluegrass land of beautiful horses. An avid animal lover, she is surrounded by various four-legged creatures

My Thoughts

Thorpe Turlow is headed on a long ride back to his Ranch in Wyoming.  His luck is about to run out when he is rescued from a confrontation with a group of Indians on his tail.  He finds himself in the camp of several women and one lone man. This rag tag group is traveling from Missouri to Wyoming praying to arrive by Christmas.  Thorpe decides to joined the group due to the fact that the journey is dangerous and he can not see how their leader, crack shot Lily Starr thinks she can be their sole protector.

The journey brings additional oddballs to their group such as an outlaw wanted for murder and the Sheriff whom arrested the said outlaw.  This makes Thorpe and Lily uneasy having the outlaw travel with them.  One of the women is pregnant and due to deliver in December this is why they must be at the end of the journey before the baby comes.

Lily and Thorpe can not deny the spark growing between them.  But they can not give in to that spark due to both of their lack of trust in the opposite sex.   They keep hitting a wall in their trek to Wyoming.  They knew from the beginning it would be hard but not as hard as what they have had to face. there for no time for sparkin.

Will they make it to Wyoming unscathed?  Is there a rainbow at the end of their trail?  The good Lord only knows.  He will lead and protect them if they trust and believe in Him.

Lily is one tough little lady. Maybe she can find someone to care for her instead of her feeling like she is the only one that can get the job done.  Trust!

You will not want to put this book down. It is  fast, furious, full of adventure and danger at every turn of the page.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book from Kensington/Zebra Books via NetGalley for an honest review.  I was in no way compensated for this review it is my honest opinion. 

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