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Review: Moonlight on the Nantahala by Micheal Rivers

About Author:
Micheal is an American author. His writing genres include Fiction, Horror, Thriller and Paranormal. Micheal has been writing for several years. In the past he concentrated on Romantic Poetry. In recent years he has focused on writing Fiction and Paranormal stories.
His book titled “Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores” has been published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. Micheal also published the eBook “The Black Witch” which is the first of a series on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.
Micheal's Blog

Micheal has over thirty years of investigating and collecting stories of the paranormal. He is the lead investigator for the Smokey Mountain Ghost Trackers of Western North Carolina.

He served his country as a United States Marine during Vietnam. He is a native North Carolinian. He lived in the Chicago area in the past and furthered his education there. He served the community as an Emergency Medical Technician while living there. Micheal currently resides in the mountains of North Carolina along with his wife and his Boxer he fondly calls Dee Dee.

About Book:
Edward Caulfield was not a simple man. Losing his wife early in their marriage he continued to live his life as a shrine to her. In his twilight years he encountered a troubled young woman. There were lessons to be learned from each other. With the spirit of his deceased wife by his side Edward Caulfield left behind a legacy in his words to ease a troubled heart.

Published September 13th 2011 by micheal rivers
ISBN 0013358928 (ISBN13: 2940013358928)

Excerpt: Chapter One
In the silence of midnight, memories stirred as leaves on the wind. By the banks of the Nantahala River an old man stood watching the pale blue light of a full moon caress the gently flowing water. 1995 was another year when he would stand on the full of the moon and be here watching, waiting, never ending his vigil until the wee hours of the morning gave way to false dawn. Edward Caulfield was here to witness the Lady of Nantahala. It was here he would try to discover the true identity of this fine lady who had caused such a stir within those who came to walk by the river. In his heart he knew it was his Celia, it could be no other, and still he had to see to truly believe.

The shadows of the hills and mountains surrounding him whispered her name gently. He yearned for the sight of her, just a glance to soothe the pain deep within his heart. A beautiful lady dressed for the ball waltzed alone upon these waters waiting for her love to join her. She never smiled as she twirled and danced lightly through the mist swirling upon the dark waters. Some would say they had seen her eyes. It was true enough there is certain sadness there not to be denied.

Many years ago Celia had vowed to Edward on her death bed they would be together again, never to part for eternity. He believed in her, and clung to every word she whispered as she passed from this life.

Edward Caulfield was not a man to believe in just anything! The words that escaped the lips of his beloved wife, Celia, on the night she left him were forever in his ears. The very sound was the same, neither wavering, nor changing if only for a second. He believed in her and cherished every word she had spoken to him for the few years they had been married. If indeed it was his beloved Celia, why then had she allowed herself to be seen by others and not by the man who still loved her with all of his heart?

The years had taken their toll and with it came the time when Edward had to make a decision. He knew he was old and needed the things all men do when they can no longer continue for themselves. He made the decision to move from his home and reside in a smaller house. The thought of having another woman in the house he and Celia had made their home was almost blasphemy in his eyes.

Edward moved into a small bungalow closer to town, and nearer to the local physician. Doctor Wayne Early had been his friend for many years and when the time was upon him Edward took Wayne’s advice and hired a housekeeper.

The search for just the right person to accompany him in his old age did not take very long. He knew very well who he would ask to stay with him and promptly made her an offer. With little or no hesitation Betty Curtis made arrangements to move into his new home that very day. He gave her a generous space of her own and a substantial salary to entice her not to leave him until it was time for him to die. All of this was really not necessary for the number of years they had known each other. She was happy to be there for him, just as he had been there for her and her husband while he was still living.

The house he and Celia had built was two miles from the bungalow he now called home. Each day he would walk the distance back to his old house and sit beneath the cooling shade of the ancient Oak trees, listening to the river roll by beyond the slope of the land, recalling every minute he could of his life with Celia.

My Thoughts:
It takes Edward a while to get to sleep at night and a long time to get his body to co-operate with itself to get out of bed in the mornings. With help of a cane and his live-in companion/caregiver Betty, he manages to get through his daily activities. One of his favorite activities is walking to the home by the river he and his late wife, Celia had shared. There he will sit under his tree and think back on the happy life he had shared with his wife. She visits him sometimes and talks with him but he is not allowed to see her. Then he started seeing a young woman sitting by the river at the same spot his wife use to like to sit. Her name was Lena and Edward could tell she had troubles. After some time of just seeing each other in passing Lena decided to stop and say hello to Edward. He and Celia had never had children. Lena reminded him of the child he a Lena never had. He wanted to help her with what ever was torturing her soul. So they met and talked for long hours at a time. He telling her of his life and her telling him of hers.

This is a sweet but sad story. It made me laugh and cry. The author brought these two people from, totally different worlds, together at a time in their lives when they needed someone to share their secrets and their pain. But is it really what it appears to be? I feel in love with the character Edward he reminded me of my grandfather. It is surprising how sharp some minds can be when the person is in their 90s. The author created a beautiful story of Edward.    As the author said, in the autumn of his life.

I highly recommend this book.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5

I was given a copy of this book from the author for review via Smashwords. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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