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Blogging for Books Review - Eye of the Sword (The Angelaeon Circle #2) by Karyn Henley

About Karyn

Award-winning author Karyn Henley has written over 100 titles, which include a mix of children’s books and articles, parent-teacher books, articles, and curricula, and preschool musicals and CD’s/DVD’s of original music for children. An accomplished songwriter, Karyn has been a Dove Award nominee, and received a regional Emmy Award as Music Composer for a Christmas television special. She has traveled worldwide speaking to parents and teachers and entertaining children and their families in storytelling/active movement sessions and concerts. Most of her work has been in the area of spiritual development. She is best known as the author of the original version of The Beginner’s Bible, which during the fifteen years it was in print (1989-2004), sold over 5 million copies and was translated into 17 languages.

A graduate of Abilene Christian University (BSEd), Karyn received a Master’s of Fine Arts degree from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2004. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Karyn’s debut line of YA fantasy novels is entitled Angelaeon Circle, the first release in the series being Breath of Angel, was published by WaterBrook Multnomah in 2011. The second release, Eye of the Sword, will be released March 13, 2011.

Information about Karyn’s spiritual resources can be found at:

About Book

Where angels walk the ground and the future is told in song, does a man of low rank have a chance at love with a princess?

In Camrithia, a land of shadows and mystical secrets, Trevin lives to serve King Laetham. But his heart belongs to the princess, Melaia. When the King sends Trevin on on a dangerous quest to find the missing comains—captains in the king’s army—he must leave Melaia to the advances of a swaggering Dregmoorian prince.

Challenged to prove his worth, Trevin throws himself into his quest. Striving to prove his love, Trevin undertakes a second mission—find the harps Melaia seeks in order to restore the stairway to heaven. Through fire caves, rogue winds, and murderous threats, Trevin remains steadfastly dedicated to his quest—even when he is falsely accused of a heinous crime. As Trevin’s time runs out, he realizes he must face the shame and horror of his own past and the nightmare that has come to life. Will he have the courage to finish what he has started?

Eye of the Sword by Karyn Henley

My Thoughts

I read Breath of Angel, book one in The Angeleon Circle not really expecting to be transported into a mystical world of Angels. I was pleasingly surprised.

In book Two I was glad to continue this journey into The Angeleon Circle. The first couple of pages was fun to get into because Trevin's brother Dwin was acting like a total idiot and was laughing hysterically which drew me in right away.

Main Trevin is a hero on a quest to help Princess Melaia find the remaining magical harps that will restore the stairs to Heaven for the Angels. He is not only on a quest to find the magical harps but to save the Land of Camrithia from the Dregmoors and to save Princess Melaia from being bartered into marriage by her father, King Laetham with the Prince of the Dregmoors.

Plus the romance keeps building between Main Trevin and Princess Melaia. There is so much more I would like to say about this story but I would spoil the book for you.

There are many other characters in this book that hold this story together like connect a dots. Pay close attention some that claim to be friends may be foe.

Are you following the connect a dots that God has set before you or are you creating your own life lines?.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a five out of five.

I was provided a copy of this book from Waterbrook Press for review. I was in no way compensated for this review it is my own opinion.

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