Saturday, April 7, 2012

CarryUsOffBooks Presents MY CLEAREST ME by Gueh Yanting Claudine


'My Clearest Me' is a children's picture book on self-discovery, understanding and personal heroism. When Wynn overhears his teacher saying that he is very quiet, and that he might have no friends or let Dreams pass, the six-year-old wonders if he ought to be a different boy to fit the crowd.

Wynn climbs out of his room into the big night-world, and asks the stars and Moon if they have ever felt the need to be 'amongst the crowd, the rowdy heap?'

The night sky creatures send their opinions and advice to being one's clearest self. Wynn likes it, but worries that other children might not like his clearest self. So he tries to join them in making loud music ...

Will he be able to make friends with his clearest self? Will this quiet boy let his dreams pass? What if one of his biggest dreams is to play in the crazy circus? Will he fit?

Wynn's journey is written in rhymes and accompanied by brilliant paintings. Children aged 5-8 will love exploring his introverted yet bold world.

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Age 4 & up (Read-together); Age 5-8 (Read-alone)
Or a child of any age on a self-acceptance journey.

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My Thoughts

This book is about self-acceptance.  Wynn a sweet six year old boy overhears his teacher say he is quiet and does not fit in with the other children.  So he goes on an emotional journey to discover himself.  He tries to figure out how he can fit in with the noisy rowdy classmates.  Maybe, just maybe he can join in on their games and still be himself.  I feel as if the story shows instead of him being traumatized by the comments made about him he analyzed his situation and overcame with flying colors.

This was a touching story about learning to fit in with the world but yet remain  true to yourself. The illustrations clarified the story of this child's journey into the world of his peers.  I loved this story. 

 Some of us are just introverts.  I don't think it means we have some disability.  It just means we are big thinkers.  We can learn a lot about ourselves by interacting with others.   It doesn't have to mean we loose who we are.   

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book

I received a purchased a copy of this ebook for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review it is my own opinion.

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  1. (This comment was also posted on your other blog post on our ebook, Patricia. Thank you so, so much for liking & sharing My Clearest Me.)

    Thank you for featuring our ebook, Patricia, and for your lovely review! You're absolutely right: as introverts, we are BIG THINKERS. It isn't a disability; it isn't an inconvenience. It's a gift to be so accepting of the quietness in life.