Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Inconvenient Match by Janet Dean Love Inspired Historical Series

About Janet

Janet Dean grew up in a family who cherished the past and had a strong creative streak. Her father recounted fascinating stories, like his father before him. The tales they told instilled in Janet a love of history and the desire to write.

She married her college sweetheart and taught first grade before leaving to rear two daughters, but Janet never lost interest in American history and the accounts of strong men and women of faith who built this country.

With her daughters grown, she eagerly turned to Inspirational historical romance. Today Janet enjoys spinning stories for Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical.

When she isn’t writing, Janet stamps greeting cards, plays golf and is never without a book to read. The Deans love to travel and spend time with family.


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About Book

His family destroyed hers. But Wade Cummings's job offer— to care for his recuperating father—is impossible to decline. Schoolteacher Abigail Wilson can swallow her pride for the sake of a summer paycheck that will help her sister. And when Abigail's employment ends, old loyalties will separate the feuding families once more.

If there's anyone in town stubborn enough to deal with Wade's cantankerous father, it's Abigail. It's just a business arrangement—and a temporary one, at that. Her good opinion shouldn't matter a lick to Wade. Yet their different backgrounds belie a surprising kinship. Perhaps unexpected love will be their reward for the summer's inconvenient match.

My Thoughts

When Wade Cummings offers a job to Abigail Wilson she had to think long and hard. How can she possibly take the job caring for the very man that was responsible for the eventual death of her father? Wade's father George Cummings destroyed her families future.  The two families have been feuding for years.  Now he is injured and needs someone to care for him while Wade is at work.

Maybe if she looked at it as if the Cummings owed her family this job.  Abigail works as a school teacher and is on summer break.  So that means her family is without any income.  She has expunged all of her sources for employment.  Wade promised a good wage if she takes the job.  She  feels as if she will be able to handle Wade's old grouch of a father.  After all she ruled over some pretty rowdy boys in the high school classroom.

One thing she isn't sure of is, can she deal with the attraction she has for Wade her old beau. Not to mention the advances he keeps making towards her.  Any kind of future with him is impossible not just because of the feud but because they are from two completely different social classes.

Is it possible Abigail and Wade have more in common than either of them realize?  Could it be that God has his own plans?  Is it wrong for her to blame Wade for something his father did?  She feels God didn't help her when her family lost everything and He let her father die. Why would God help her now?

The author has written an endearing story of repentance, forgiveness, faith, hope and love.  Love of neighbor  and the healing of not just a fire damaged town but that of the body and soul of the people that live in New Harmony, Iowa.

I highly recommend this book.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

I won a copy of this book provided by the author.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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  1. Patricia, I'm delighted you enjoyed An Inconvenient Match. Thanks for your lovely review!