Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Must Apologize! On The Road Again or Not!

I have not been able to give as much attention to my blog as I wish and for the past couple of weeks and for that I do apologize! 

My husband, John and I have just went into business for ourselves.  We have been been in the trucking business for over 20 years owning our own trucks in which we always leased our trucks to other companies.   We now own a couple of big rigs with flatbed trailers and as of the past two weeks we have our own authority, which means we find our own loads and front our own business. We will also be leasing on other owner operators (truckers with there own trucks) in the near future. Our company name is BCNU get it, be see'in you.
Thought I would share some fun wooden toy trucks!

Wooden Truck Wee High-Boy Hauler

So to say the least have been daunting the past couple of weeks .  I have the skills to manage the office end of the business but it is getting everything set up according to all the rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation.  So I am wife, business manager, dispatcher and the go to person.  My husband will be driving one of the trucks.   His office skills in the past are lacking in organization.  His desk up until last night was a good eight inches deep with paper work and junk mail.  He saves everything that comes in the mail and some of the mail had not even been opened.  Grrrrr!  Until last week he did not want anyone to touch or move anything on his desk.  He finally agreed to let me weed through it all.  Now things are sorted scanned, copied, file and hopefully in it's proper place.  

Now for the bad news!  On Monday another truck driver backed into John's truck damaging the driver side door, ripped off the mirror and damaged the hood which has to be fixed before he can drive the truck. Luckily at the time he was not in the truck .  We were lined up to pick up and deliver loads for the entire week and beyond.  We have already got some estimates for the repair.  For what the repairs cost we could almost buy a new car.  It will not come out of our pocket!  Praise God!

Fact or Fiction!! 
Did I every drive a Big Rig? 
Leave a comment on my Children's 
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There it is and I hope you will stick with me because I will continue my blog but maybe not as many reviews as was my norm.  In fact after I get the hang of the business you may not even notice a difference in my blogging.  

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