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Battle for Cannibal Island - Adventures in Odyssey - Imagination Station Books #8 Marianne Hering, Wayne Batson

About Book

It’s 1852 and cousins Patrick and Beth sail to Fiji on the HMS Calliope under the command of Captain James E. Home. They arrive at the islands to find that the Christian Fijians are at war with the non-Christian Fijians. Missionary James Calvert is trying to make peace and suggests that the captain allow peace negotiations on board the British vessel. Patrick and Beth learn about sacrificial living when they observe Calvert’s determination to live on Fiji despite the dangers and impoverished conditions and that he is willing to risk his life to live as Jesus would.

Published by: Tyndale House
Published:October 2012
Purchase Price: $4.99
Page Count:144
Trim Size:5 1/2 x 8
Ages: 7-12
Series: Adventures in Odyssey/Imagination Station #8 

Where to buy: AmazonCBDB&N also available on KindleKobo, iTunes Apple

About Marianne

Marianne has written for children since 1987 when she joined the editorial staff of Focus on the Family Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines. In the 1990s she wrote six children's mystery books and more than 40 Bible phonic readers (with co-author Margaret Wilber) for Cook Communications. Now a general book editor for Focus on the Family, she has turned her passion for children's fiction into developing a series for beginning readers who love adventure.

My Thoughts

Beth stops into Mr.Whit's Ice Cream Shop looking for her cousin Patrick.  She finds him hiding in the Imagination Station, a time machine of sorts, invented by Mr.Whit.  Patrick is in a bad mood because he does not want to go to his Grandmother's birthday party.  There are so many other fun things he could be doing.  Beth got in the machine with him to talk to him. He decides to push the button that starts up the machine, but he was under the impression it was turned off.  Well it hummed on and they were off to an adventure in the Imagination Station.  When the humming stops they are on the deck of a sailing ship which is flying a British flag.  But Patrick thinks they may be on a pirates ship.  

Off in the distance Missionary James Calvert is talking to a British Captain. Calvert is wanting to be put ashore on Fiji Island but the Captain refuses to let him on the island because it is inhabited with cannibals.
Calvert knew the cannibals were as much God's children as were anyone else.  He had every intention to tell them about God.  Some of the Fijians had already accepted Christ as their Savior.  As they continue their conversation a canoe sets off from the island with several of the cannibals and their leader headed for the ship.  

When Patrick and Beth are discovered on the ship the Captain  gave orders for them to be put in the hull of the ship with the other hard core prisoners. Calvert would not stand for the Beth to be put with the other prisoners.  It was no place for a girl.  

Then things turn chaotic on the ship among the prisoners and Patrick is right in the middle.  What will happen to Patrick?  Who should he fear the most the Captain, the pirates or the cannibals?  What an adventure this has become.  

The Imagination Station is an excellent way for children to learn about our Historical Christian heroes.  True disciples of Christ.  Willing to sacrifice their very lives to spread the word of eternal life through Christ out Lord and Savior.   

The author gives our children a good look at the British involvement to rid the Fiji Island of cannibals.  It was Calvert's mission to tell thee Fijians about God.  Patrick also learned a lesson.  What would that lesson be? 

Will Patrick decide to go to his Grandmother's Birthday after this adventure?  Will they be in trouble for going using the Imagination Station without Mr. Whit's permission?

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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