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Hawaiian Crosswinds - The Dawn of Hawaii Series #2 by Linda Lee Chaikin

About Book

Torn between family loyalty and their deep affection for one another, Rafe Easton and Eden Derrington strike an agreement that will bring them together after one final year of pursuing their dreams. For Eden, those dreams involve dangerous medical research with her father, and spending time with the mother she never knew - a leper on Moloka'i.

Rafe's dreams are equally noble - managing the family estates and serving in the Legislature - until both begin to unravel. Revolution threatens the fragile calm of Hawaii's sovereignty, and the man who murdered Rafe's father now threatens the lives of Rafe's mother and adopted son. With love, danger, and political upheaval demanding his attention, Rafe must commit to a course of action without second thoughts.

Love, beauty, and blessing - the perfect "happily ever after" to a Hawaiian romance - unravel in the Hawaiian Islands of 1892. What will this mean for Rafe and Eden, caught in the Hawaiian Crosswinds?

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-3750-1
Published by Moody Publishers
Publish date: May, 2011

Series: The Dawn of Hawaii, book 2
Page Count: 352
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.25
Format: Paperback

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About Linda

LINDA LEE CHAIKIN has written over thirty top selling books, including The Silk House series and For Whom the Stars Shine, a finalist for the prestigious Christy Award. Two of her novels have been awarded the Silver Angel Award for excellence. Linda is a graduate of Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and taught neighborhood Bible classes for many years. She and her husband make their home in Northern California where her favorite recreations are reading and taking vacations where the wind blows through lonely deserts and ghost towns.

My Thoughts

Hawaiians in 1892 were split on what was best for Hawaii.  Most of the plantation owners were for Annexation to the United States. Like in many wars families split under such conditions. Two such people, Rafe Easton and his fiance Eden Derrington have different opinions as to the Annexation. 

Rafe has other things going on in his life, for instance he must protect his Mother and his adopted son from Rafe's stepfather who is suspected to have murdered Rafe's father.  The man is on the run and Rafe needs to find him before anyone else is killed.  Now he must leave Eden to make a trip to the States where his mother and son are now in seclusion hopefully safe from this crazy man.  

Eden and Rafe postponed their wedding for a year so Eden could work with her father, Dr. Jerome on the Island of Molokai. The mother Eden has never met is on this island with many others that are suffering from Leprosy. Now that she will be working with her father she will finally get to meet her mother. 

It was sad that some of the white's saw the native hawaiians as lesser humans, mere dogs to some.

The author has taken an important historical event in Hawaii's history and added historically famous people  along with fictitious characters of her making to create an enjoyable read and an informative lesson in Hawaii's history.

Book one of this series, The Spoils of Eden was hard for me to get into because the author had to introduce the characters and the parts they played within history and this novel.  I realize this was necessary and helpful in understanding the events that unfold.  The author definitely did her research.

Book two was much easier to read because the author had laid the groundwork first in book one.  This was an enjoyable book from start to finish.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book from Moody Publishers for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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