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Giveaway/Review of The Cheshire Cheese Cat, A Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Agra Deedy & Randall Wright, Drawing by Barry Moser

About Book

In this playful homage to Charles Dickens, unlikely allies learn the lessons of a great friendship

Skilley, an alley cat with an embarrassing secret, longs to escape his street-cat life. Tired of dodging fishwives' brooms and carriage wheels, he hopes to trade London's damp alleyways for the warmth of ye olde Cheshire Cheese Inn. He strikes a bargain with Pip, an erudite mouse: Skilley will protect the mice who live at the inn, and in turn, the mice will provide Skilley with the thing he desires most.

But when Skilley and Pip are drawn into a crisis of monumental proportions involving a tyrannical cook, an unethical barmaid, and a malevolent tomcat, their new friendship is pushed to its limits. The escalating crisis threatens the peace not only of the Cheshire Cheese Inn but also the British Monarchy!

Unbeknownst to Skilley and Pip, however, they have a secret ally: a famous author who scribbles away many an afternoon in ye olde Cheshire Cheese Inn...


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Published by Peachtree Publishers
Age 8-99
ISBN: 978-1-56145-595-9
Total Pages: 256
Size: 6 x 8

Where to buy: Amazon


Carmen Agra Deedy is a New York Times bestselling author and has been writing and traveling around the world telling stories for more than twenty years. Her books, including 14 Cows for America, The Library Dragon, The Yellow Star, and Martina the Beautiful Cockroach have received numerous awards and honors. Carmen has performed in many prestigious venues, but children are her favorite audience. Born in Havana, Cuba, she came to the United States as a refugee and like most immigrants sees the world from multiple perspectives.

You can visit Carmen Agra Deedy’s website here.

Randall Wright is the author of several novels for young readers, including A Hundred Days from Home, The Silver Penny, and Hunchback, a 2004 VOYA Top Shelf Award winner. He lives in Utah.

Barry Moser is one of today's most celebrated illustrators of children's books. He is also a printer, painter, printmaker, designer, author, essayist, and teacher. The books Moser has illustrated and/or designed forms a list of over three hundred titles. He lives in Massachusetts.

You can visit Barry Moser’s website here.

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My Thoughts

Skilley the alley cat has made up his mind he is going to sneak inside the Cheshire Cheese Inn.    So, he will cunningly convince the Innkeeper to let Skilley stay as the Inn's mouser. You see a mouser is a cat that catches mice. The Inn has the best cheese around and the Inn is overrun with mice.

He finally sees the chance to sneak in after a customer.  He puts on such a good performance and even caught a mouse.  Well he convinced the Innkeeper that this was THE MOUSER  for the Cheshire Cheese Inn.  Skilley took off with the mouse further into the Inn and spit out the mouse. The mouse was called Pip and he has lived at the Inn his entire life.  He could not figure out why the cat spit him out.  Why didn't he eat Pip that is what any other cat would have done.  Well you see Skilley has a secret and so does Pip.  They agreed never to give away their secrets.

They become buddies and together they are quite the little schemers.  If they are careful and everything goes as they have planned they can live in peace with everyone, including the British Monarchy.

The man at the beginning of the story that let Skilley into the Inn had a friend with him, Charles Dicken's. He found the Cat and Mouse antics to be very entertaining and with his imagination he had fun with these very unusual characters. 

Kudos to Charles, Carmen, Randall and Barry for putting their talents together into a neat little package for us to enjoy. The illustrator did a marvelous job of depicting all the characters through the author's detailed description to perfection.

I highly recommend this book.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book from Peachtree Publishing for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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