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Fashionable Easterner Alison Stripling is shocked to receive a letter from her deceased sister’s husband in Hope, Kansas, pleading for help with his six children. The letter gives Alison a chance to escape her troubles in Boston, and the name of the town seems like a sign from God. But when she arrives at a rustic cabin on the prairie, she’s in for a bigger shock: Rafe Munroe didn’t write the letter at all! Realizing the children are determined to pair them off, Rafe and Alison join forces to prove the idea would never work. Can Hope’s cupids—all six of them—strike love’s arrows into the hearts of their pa and Miss Alison?

Pages 320 /Paperback
ISBN 978-1-60936-007-8
Published:  December 2010
Publisher: Summerside Press

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About Author

I never thought I was going to be a writer.  When I was younger I thought I might get into something connected with art, since I've always loved to draw.  But God had other ideas.

People often ask me two things:  "How long have you been writing?" and "How long till you got published?"

 I dabbled at writing for two years before the Lord showed me to start getting serious about it.  My first attempts were scrawled in a couple of memo pads with a ballpoint pen and considered a hobby-- a fun pastime in between taking care of my two babies. At Christmas-- when my story was finished-- I typed it into my dad's computer, printed it out, and gave it to my mom for a present.  I got ideas for more stories, typed them in, and had fun working on them, but scoffed when people would ask, "Are you going to try to get them published?"  It was too scary a thought.  Besides, I only possessed a high school education-- I wasn't one of the highly learned!

 However, at the end of 1996, the Lord showed me it was time to send a proposal to a publishing house.  I was nervous-- didn't have a clue about how things should be done-- and received a very nice rejection half a year later, also asking me to send anything more if I had it and suggesting a critiquing service.  God opened doors, and in that time, I met published author Lena Dooley who lives ten minutes away from me. I visited her twice that year to glean information about the writing world.

 Later, I also joined her monthly critique group.  I sent another manuscript to the same company, but was again nicely rejected.  I came to find out they didn't take the time frame in which my manuscript was based.

 At the end of October 1998, I received "the call" concerning my third manuscript, and 'TIL WE MEET AGAIN was published by Heartsong Presents/ Barbour in March 2000.  :-)

 I write both contemporaries and historicals-- all different time frames-- and often work on several stories at once.  No, I never thought I'd be a writer. . .but I love it now!!  I'm also blessed to have a brother with a B.A. in history who helps me with my historical research, a mother who is my chief critiquer, and a computer genius father (who, btw, designed this web site. Thanks Dad.)

 Okay, besides the writing?  I love art, music, snow, reading, fellowship, and fun, among other things.  And of course I love my family. But first and foremost I love God, and it is to Him I give the glory for everything.

 It just goes to show you . . . He DOES use the foolish things to confound the wise.  ;-)

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My Thoughts

Alison Stripling receives a letter from Rafe Munroe, the husband, of her deceased sister.  Since the death of his wife Rafe is finding he needs a woman's help in rearing the children and with the household chores usually regulated to his wife.  She jumps at the chance to leave her fancy eastern lifestyle to move to Hope, Kansas to care for her sisters home and six children.  It will be a daunting task to learn a rustic style of living but if her sister was capable of learning she was determined she too would learn.  

When she finally arrives it becomes apparent Rafe had not written the letter and even worse he knew nothing of her coming.  The children evidently have it in their head that Aunt Alison would be perfect as their new mom and wife for their dad. At first Rafe wanted her get back on the train until he decided the children needed to be taught a lesson.  So Rafe, not totally convincing Alison, comes up with a plan that will have the children realize they have made a big mistake, which is Aunt Alison is not cut out to be a mom.  The pair do not have a chance when the children have cupid on their side and most importantly God?

The author wrote a humorous story of how children can create big trouble although with great intentions.   In this story you have love lost, broken hearts, loneliness, healing, revenge, reconciliation and romance.  God's enduring love comes through in every chapter of this book.  It is a lovely story you will want to read yourself!

I highly recommend this story.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

Disclosure:  I purchased this book for my own reading pleasure therefore was not required to write a review. This review is my honest opinion. 

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