Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sometimes The Unexpected Happens ~ Old Lady Gets Bit by Dog!

I am a little off schedule with my blog post and I do apologize.  My hand got in the middle of my two large Lab dogs while in a vicious fight. My mistake never get in the middle of a dog fight even if they are your dogs. This happened last week and ended me up in the ER.  Evidently dog bites do not get stitches and they hurt like ****. I went home with nothing but a cleaned somewhat mangled hand.  The next day I went to see my doctor and when she unwrapped my hand I had red starting to run up my arm.  I got a gram dose of antibiotic in my bum and a tetanus shot in my arm.  I was given two prescriptions for antibiotics each 500mg, one 4 times a day and the other 3 times a day which is playing havoc with my stomach and  I am sleeping way to much.

Still love my Casper and Cocoa

So long story short.  I hope everyone will be patient with me and my one handed typing.  Luckily it has not hindered my reading so may I will be able play catch up on my reading. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day.  I slept all day.  My husband and daughter have really pampered me, maybe I should get sick more often.  NOT!

Blessings to All my Family and Friends,
Patricia aka Mamaw

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  1. So sorry about your injury, but I understand why you intervened. Hope your hand heals fast and that you're surrounded by good books to accompany you :) God bless your husband and daughter for taking care of you! No worries about your blog schedule, please rest as needed and get your strength back. Blessings to you and your dogs!