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About Tracie

Tracie Peterson is an award-winning, best-selling author of over 85 books. Having given her heart to Jesus at the young age of six, Tracie has always felt called to some form of ministry, and writing fulfills that mission field.

Tracie received her first book contract in November, 1992 and saw A Place To Belong published in February 1993 with Barbour Publishings' Heartsong Presents. She wrote exclusively with Heartsong for the next two years, receiving their readership's vote for Favorite Author of the Year for three years in a row.

In December, 1995 she signed a contract with Bethany House Publishers to co-write a series with author Judith Pella. Tracie now writes exclusively for Bethany House Publishers.

Throughout her writing career Tracie has found time to speak at writer's conferences where she has a special heart for new authors. She is often joined by her husband Jim, whose background in history offers new authors insight into research. Besides teaching at conferences, Tracie also at one time managed Barbour Publishing's Heartsong Presents book line - overseeing the production of 52 books a year.

Tracie was awarded the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for 2007 Inspirational Fiction and her books have won numerous awards for favorite books in a variety of contests.

Making her home in Montana, this Kansas native enjoys spending time with family--especially her three grandchildren--Rainy, Fox and Max. She's active in her church as the Director of Women's Ministries, coordinates a yearly writer's retreat for published authors, and travels, as time permits, to research her books.

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About Book

When Laura Marquardt first meets Brandon Reid, their encounter is anything but pleasant. But when the two are seated together at a dinner party, they soon find that they share similar interests--Laura desires to educate blacks, and Brandon, as a white officer over colored troops, eagerly supports her cause.

When Laura's sister, Carissa, marries her Confederate beau, Laura finds herself in a difficult situation when she overhears plots to kill Union soldiers. Though in her heart she feels she should share this information with Brandon, Laura fears she will betray her sister's trust and possibly endanger her sister's life. And when Brandon's motives for pursuing her come into question, her heart is even more conflicted. Where is God leading her?

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My Thoughts

1865 in Corpus Christi, Texas you would think that people were glad the war between the North and South was over. Some were glad although they were still suffering the after effects of the war.

Laura Marquardt hurried along the street when she was confronted by some scruffy looking Confederate soldiers. She recognized one of the men. She thought if she was polite they would not see her fear. But they cursed her for being a Union supporter and a traitor to the South and accosted her. A couple of Union soldiers came upon them and ordered them to release the lady. The rebels did not cotton to taking orders from Black Union soldiers so they just laughed and ran. A White Union officer by the name of Captain Reid approached and boldly took matters in his hands. Without any further ado he dismissed the soldiers and proceeded to reprimand Laura sending her on her way not even allowing her a chance to explain the situation.

Laura and Captain Reid crossed each others paths again at a social gathering for Local Union Supporters. It became very clear to the Captain that he had wrongly misjudged Laura Marquardt as being a disgruntled Confederate sympathizer. Laura in a rather playful and straightforward manner set him straight about which side she supported. Finding they have the same goal which is to bring the North and the South together as one peaceful nation. Then there is a spark between the two of them that refuses not be ignored.

They come together to bring to justice several renegade Confederates one in particular a suspected murderer.

This is a story filled with intrigue and romance. Women had to be courageous back then and that is exacty how the author portrayed Laura and her sister in this novel.

I loved what the author wrote about the meaning of the books title, TOUCHING THE SKY.

I have read book one in the LAND OF THE LONE STAR series,CHASING THE SUN. Now that I have read book two I am anxious to read book three,TAMING THE WIND,expected publication date September 1st 2012 by Bethany House Publishers.
Chasing the SunTaming the Wind (Land of the Lone Star, #3) 

I highly recommend Touching The Sky.

I rated this book 5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my own opinion.

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